“The Old Man said, “Ah”, and smiled as he looked at the earth, for she was very beautiful – truly the most beautiful thing he had made so far.“

                                                                                  -Native American Creation Myth


"Deborah came to do a color consultation at my house in Sedona. After a walk through, we went out into the desert surrounds with her paint deck and explored my favorite colors in nature. She put together a soft palette of cactus greens, warm sand and clay colors, with a beautiful Sedona russet accent. Walking through the desert colors inside my home is like being outside on a beautiful day, every day. Thank you, Deborah!

~ Belle Starr       

Sedona, AZ   


























"Deborah's ability to suggest colors that brought the various elements of my house together was amazing.  The outside colors grounded the house to the surrounding natural habitat and the inside colors brought the outside in.  She explained to me the reasons for her choices so that the end result

was that I felt enriched and empowered by the consultation."

~Deanna Silverthorne   

Kentfield, CA



"Working with Deborah's color palettes has been truly inspirational.   I have experienced how being surrounded by the colors of nature automatically takes me to that 'place' of creativity."     

  ~  Yannick LePelch    

San Francisco, CA    


"When I showed the painting contractor the colors you helped me choose for the outside of my house, he was truly impressed and pleased.  He not only thought the colors were wonderful (they are!) but he also appreciated your help with the selection process he usually goes through with clients.  Thanks for your expertise."

~ Marilyn Burns

Bolinas, CA   



"We have a home in Pacific Heights SF overlooking the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge as well as an award-winning country home which sits on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific in Mendocino County.  With both homes Deborah has been of invaluable help in making them elegant yet comfortable places to live.  She has an incredible eye for color and sense of space, not to mention great taste."

"We have known Deborah for nearly 15 years and she has always been there for us when we needed her. She is always professional, efficient, honest and a delight to work with.  She has a knack for knowing where to put stuff. By working with Deborah I have learned a lot about interior design.  She is a patient teacher.  She is presently helping us with a small place at the beach in Southern California.  Soon, thanks to Deborah's help, it will seem like a home away from home."

~ Peter and Pat Clark,    

San Francisco, CA   


"We have been working with Deborah for the past two and a half years in both the planning and implementation of the interior decoration of our new home. She has been instrumental in assisting us through all phases of the design and construction process.  Deborah has impeccable taste and a masterful command of color. In addition, she has a terrific general design sensibility that has been extremely helpful with suggestions relating to room layouts and design ideas beyond the typical scope of interior decorating.

"We also appreciate the contacts and connections that she has within the industry that allow her to completely handle the design, production, and installation of upholstered and other decorative items.  We thoroughly enjoy working with her." 

~ Mark Feichtmeir & Karen Boness,   

Kenwood, CA   



"I thought I would have to make significant architectural changes to the facade of my new house in order to remove it from the Butt Ugly category.  Deborah's choice of paint colors, however, blended the various elements, making it serene and harmonious. "

Deborah's guidance for the interior has been equally successful.  As a result of her expertise, the bedroom walls are a complex and changeable blue-green I would never have been able to choose on my own, and which bring pleasure on a daily basis.  I'm incorporating her suggestions into my bathroom remodel, and look forward to her help in transforming every aspect of my dated suburban house into a natural, beautiful, and sensual refuge."  

~Ruta Paskevicius,    

Lafayette, CA    



"Your picture-hanging gift just keeps on giving. Whenever I look around any room in this house, I think of you with gratitude and appreciation for your creativity and generosity. And when people come over and remark on the pictures, I always tell them about you and the fun of having you arrange the pictures." 

~ Carol Venolia,  

Santa Rosa, CA   

"Naturally Inspired started working with us when the house was first being conceived on the banks of the Bitterroot River in Darby Montana. Then, true to your name, you developed the wonderful color pallet for the exterior of the house to conform to and compliment the surrounding forest, ground cover, plants, rocks and river. It passed our key objective with flying colors—to create a house which seemed to grow out of the land. The fact that rafters floating down the river have to look hard through a light pine tree cover to even see the house 50 feet away, is a great testament to the meeting of that objective. The colors and textures of logs, other exterior wood, slate, stone work, stucco and roof shingles could not have been more beautifully blended with the surroundings."


"Then Naturally Inspired worked with us on design of all interior cabinets, lighting fixtures and the colors of interior walls, great room log trusses and tongue and groove ceilings, doors and windows, trim, hardwood floors, tile, marble counter tops, wall paper and interior stonework. After that you helped us to select the wonderful carpets for the great room and then we went to work on planning and buying all the furniture in the house which was quite a feat given that we purchased all furniture and house accessories, including bed covers, linens, drapes and blinds in Phoenix, 1250 miles away. Almost unbelievably it all fits and works together so very well--and It achieves the understated elegant river/mountain retreat feeling without appearing too western or too cowboy. That was the real proof to Jane and me of the experience and professionalism of your organization."


"But the final test was the move-in which you orchestrated so very well including furniture arranging and the placement and hanging of all the curtains, blinds, art and mirrors. That was masterfully done and combined with all the dedicated work over the last two years has resulted in the most beautiful home that we have ever seen. We are so glad it is our home. Thank you!"

~ Jim and Jane Allred    

Darby, Montana