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Overwhelmed by the large array of color choices? You’re not alone.

Fear of color is the number one decorating mistake.



Which are the right colors? Which are YOUR colors? Add color with confidence.

Let Nature be your guide. Nature’s palettes are timeless - and they’re always right.  


Naturally Inspired provides Nature-based color strategies

for commercial and residential projects.


Bring Nature inside with interior color schemes.


Integrate exterior colors with the geography and landscape.


As an architectural colorist, I find Nature’s colors breathtaking and I use them in my interior and exterior color work, making Nature integral to the color scheme.

Residential clients love knowing that their living room walls might be the colors of stones from the beach and their front door might match the Japanese maple in their garden.

Commercial clients know that their housing development, health resort or museum connects their palette with the place.

By bringing the colors of the natural world into our color planning strategies, we reconnect with our larger Home, this fragile blue planet, third from the sun.




To create a Nature Palette, take a natural object you find on a walk, such as a stone, a wood chip, or a leaf, and scan it into your computer. Then enlarge it until the pixels are clearly visible. All the colors are beautiful and go together. Match these colors to paint chips and, voila, you have a harmonious scheme for an entire house or project!


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