“It’s not what you own but how you use it.”

                                                      David Hicks

Need help making your house the best it can be?

Let Naturally Inspired help you RE•think your rooms, RE•position

your furnishings, RE•invent existing pieces, RE•hang your art,

RE•discover your accessories.

 Create beauty on a budget, by using what you already have.


RE•design is a different kind of interior design service that focuses on what is already in the client’s home. A ‘house call’ helps transform what clients have into what they want – without buying new things. Many people have the items they need for beautiful rooms; they just don’t know how to put them together. I call this ‘the art of aesthetic recycling’. Clients save time, money and the environment by using what they already have to make their homes more beautiful.




In Nature, organisms form webs of interconnections and cooperative relationships - and are rewarded with survival. In good design, furnishings should also work together. Distribute furniture in a way that balances the entire room.

Put the largest piece opposite the focal point. Create a conversation area by cornering and connecting the next major seating piece, making an ‘L’ shape. Place tables so that each seat has a spot to put things down. Group furniture within the dimensions of an area rug, identifying and defining the room’s living space.  Add lighting to anchor each furniture group.

Art and accessories can correct any imbalances that remain.

For more tips, you can read my articles in Natural Home Magazine by clicking on the links on my PROFILE page.


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