"Nature is full of solutions looking for problems to solve"

                                                                                                                Christopher Viney



"Love the house you live in and the planet you live on." 

                                                                                                                                       Deborah Coburn



Color Consulting   

Nature-based color strategies for commercial and residential projects: Integrating exterior colors with the landscape.  Bringing nature inside with interior color schemes.


RE design

Interior Design that transforms what you have into what you want: RE-positioning, RE-hanging, RE-arranging, RE-thinking, RE-discovering.  Helping people create beauty on a budget, by using what they already have.





Naturally Inspired provides nature-based color strategies and design support to:




Painting Contractors

Architects Property Managers
Developers Resorts
Builders  Spas
Renovators Housing Developments
Contractors Museums
Urban Planners Private Residences


                         Color Consulting                  RE design